Re: Dirty tactics to defend a dirty industry

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Something for the anti-campaigning motorists who dominate this
transport newsgroup to gloat over as they witness their fellow
citizens loss of human rights and civil liberties in our shamocracy.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Duhgllearse shoots himself in the foot, again:

"A "stash of knives and weapons" has been found near the Climate Camp in
Kent, police have said."

"Peaceful protest" is it Doug?

Given that Gollum considers that breaking into peoples' workplaces
wearing skull masks, threatening the people with violence, and digging
up grannies is "peaceful protest", I can only imagine that the answer
to your question will be "yes",

Indymedia had commentary on the house and car of scientists in the
states being torched.
The commentary was saying how evil the scientists were for putting
their family at risk like they were...

A responsible human being no doubt being one that gives into a violent
minority acting outside the law to make points they clearly can't do
via legal or peaceful means.