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FWIW one doesn't get pay-to-use trolleys at Waitrose. You must shop at
some right chavvy places ;)

Oddly enough, the first place I ever encountered them was at the
Waitrose in Wokingham! Although it was a Safeway at the time.

ASDA complained to me that they had been made to add coin ops to their
trolleys by the council. More likely so many were being taken off site that
it was the only way they could stop the council fining them for recovery.

"Borrowing" still goes on in our area - the fancy magnetic stuff
presents no challenge to the borrowers, it only serves to jam wheels
for everyone else. The 1 quid coin op has meant no more chariots
released into the wilds of the car park, to stop and scratch where
they desire. That is of far more value to me than the intention to
prevent them wandering far. If someone is too lazy to reclaim their
sov, someone else will do it for them. Just like the inebriated
prowling the street bins of Scandinavian countries for bottles to get
the deposit money. Free market in action! How can we apply this to

Sainsbury's coin ops have a €1/£1 slot but the €1 won't fit. However
the 20ct does the trick. This exchange rate would really suit me too.

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