Re: E-ZPass, was CharlieCards v.v. Oyster (and Octopus?)

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>FWIW one doesn't get pay-to-use trolleys at Waitrose. You must shop at
>some right chavvy places ;)

Oddly enough, the first place I ever encountered them was at the
Waitrose in Wokingham! Although it was a Safeway at the time.

ASDA complained to me that they had been made to add coin ops to their
trolleys by the council. More likely so many were being taken off site that
it was the only way they could stop the council fining them for recovery.

The problem in Wokingham (iirc, it was the late 70's) was people leaving their supermarket trolleys scattered round the nearby car park. In some towns the council would allow there to be collection pens in the car parks, and the store would go and round up the errant trolleys. This is one of the ways that out-of-town supermarkets have an advantage because it's their own car park and those pens are the default.
Roland Perry