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Colin: I understand the DDA is a best efforts business. There was a
minor loss of wheelchair access westbound with the introduction of
the teacup - slower timetabled journeys. The serious limitation that
Paddington is only accessible clockwise continues. Paddington's
access is not on the Dec 2009 Step-free Tube guide. The tube map
doesn't show one way access.

My grouse, as a passenger without mobility impairment, is that there
is no information at platform 4 on the first train to High Street
Kensington. About a month ago, I arrived on 4 to find trains waiting
at 2 and 3. A platform CSA (admittedly from an SST - peripatetic
staff to deal with local shortages) had no information and did not
volunteer to find any. Help points are not provided. I took the
lazy decision which turned out to be sub-optimal. ;)

The lack of information at Edgware Road also sounds like a serious
deterioration too. I don't think I've ever met a helpful member of
platform staff there either.

Hold on, if it was never any good, how can it be a serious
deterioration. I demand rhetoric with at least some logic underpinning
it ;-)

Colin: I believe my eastbound Circle line train had come via High
Street Kensington and, so, arrived on the advertised platform. A
decision to allow it to continue eastbound was taken to minimised
customer delay. I think it a pity that LU publishes so little on
the web about disruption.

Wouldn't help many people on the move. They need it on the platforms!

All: I am afraid I failed to note the URL for reliability
statistics, which was recently given in utl. Aggregation of Circle
and Hammersmith & City may reflect operational reality, but provides
a poor measurement for customers. I recall the aggregation achieving
about 90% before the service revision, where all other lines achieve
95%+. 93% would be good!

I'm not mobility-impaired either but I do sometimes have luggage and
other impedimenta. Luckily the granddaughter gets older and more able
to walk herself over the footbridge as time goes by.

And they say the new service is an improvement! Edgware Road sounds
worse than ever, especially for information. *Why* can they still not
show which is the first train for High St in this day and age?

Because the signalling system isn't from this day and age.

Just because Edgware Road might be a bit messy that doesn't invalidate
the notion that the service has improved. Well, maybe it does to you.

It does to the quite large proportion of Circle /H&C/WImbleware pax who
want to "turn the top left corner".

To me, the idea that the Circle line might actually work means I might
start to acknowledge its existence.

The old PIS at Edgware Road was immensely better with indicators on all
platforms of the next trains from all platforms. When they "improved"
things (and removed some historic baggage like the ability to show Verney
Junction as a destination) they made things a lot worse, so it can't just
be the signalling.

Why didn't they at least do something more that new fixed signs to improve
the passenger information systems there before messing with the Circle?
They are positively misleading at times of disruption.

The Earl's Court PIS is not even from my late father's age but it's better
than at Edgware Road with more complexity in some respects (but not
reversing trains, I concede).

Do the indicators on the Wimble-related parts of the District yet show
any next trains at all before they are actually in sight?

I don't recall them ever doing so.