Re: Silverlink Strike

On 8 Nov, 22:21, "Zen83237" <zen83...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Why is there so little on the news and here about the now weekly strike by
Aslef on Silverlink. I gather it is pension related but not sure why the
passengers should be forced to suffer. I suppose that when they do go back
to work normally they will want soem sort of bonus for working a full week.
The rest of the Silverlink staff don't seem to give a stuff, very little
information but then I guess they have an easy day.
I guess this is Silverlink's way of saying f**k off to the passengers
because they are losing their franchise.


You should change the Silverlink word to National Express.... Their
the ones that are saying f**k off to the passengers not the Silverlink
staff. Even Midland Mainline drivers are striking for similar reasons.
National Express don't give a monkeys about Silverlink or Midland
Mainline as they are losing the franchises on Saturday. Drivers WILL
NOT get any bonuses they lose a days pay for going on strike.
It is a shame that ASLEF are not as vocal as the RMT.