Re: Fare rises , legalised extortion?

Colin Rosenstiel wrote:
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eastend@xxxxxxxxxx (eastender) wrote:
What nonsense. Many other world cities have travelcard systems -
why wouldn't someone check out London's? And you don't need to

Why would you? I don't know any other city metro that penalises people
for buying a normal ticket. If you know otherwise then please tell us

'read up' on them - you can just go to a ticket office or machine
and buy one in most cities I've been to.

How many cities have you been too? Can you speak every language in the
world? Try going to the eastern block and asking the babushka at the
ticket office about the fares in english and see what sort of response
you get.

Precisely. Just regard cash fares as a tax on the ignorant, as in almost
every city in the world.

Should be a tax you 2 should be paying then.