Re: More trains on old WAGN lines

"Jonathan Morris" <j.morris@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Tom Anderson wrote:
Were weekends mentioned?

I forgot to ask (didn't occur to me at the time that Moorgate was shut
at weekends) but if I were a betting man, I'd guess they would run at
weekends if TfL stepped in with funding. Possibly not such a frequent
service, but a service nonetheless.

Although given the rolling stock issues associated with a truly tube-like
frequency, i suspect this is all rather aspirational anyway.

I think they have the stock, as they can run a high frequency service
during the peaks (remember, the high frequency part will be Moorgate to
AP, as beyond that they split on each branch - and that would mean more
paths and stock, which isn't necessarily possible anytime soon).

At weekends, 313s go into Kings Cross. So, if Moorgate was to continue
in operation, there would be the issue of how frequent a service could
be provided from KGX (on a Sunday, it would pretty much be an hourly
service for me).

Who said timetabling was easy?!

I don't think providing a frequent service to Kings Cross is particularly
important. After all there are two tube lines with 40tph+ duplicating the GN
route from Finsbury Park.

With the cross-platform interchange at Highbury, the Moorgate branch offers
just as good a range of connections as Kings Cross anyway.

Peter Smyth