Re: More trains on old WAGN lines

Edward Cowling London UK wrote:
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A train ever ten minutes all day south of Gordon Hill and New Barnet would
do a lot to pull people back from the Picc, so frequent trains might end up
fuller than infrequent ones. Wimbledon to West Croydon springs to mind.

Exactly ! There is tumble weed rolling about on Alley Pally station during the day yet the Picc line is still wall to wall shoppers and back packers. They don't even think of using the rail link because...

a. The timetable is complex and keeps changing. Leaffall !! gimme a break it just means we all miss our trains for weeks trying to work out when the darn trains will actually arrive.

b. The service is too sporadic. A train every ten minutes stopping at every station and you'd see the shoppers back on the trains.

c. The stations are in much less convenient locations than the Piccadilly stations.

d. The shoppers and backpackers may well be coming from the onward destinations served directly by the Piccadilly line.

There are several differences between this and Wimbledon to West Croydon, including the provision of new stops on Tramlink thus bringing the surrounding population within easier reach of the services, the onward tram route to East Croydon station, and the lack of a more frequent and more conveniently-located alternative.

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