Hotmail to end mobile alerts

I see that Windows Live is to end its SMS mobile alert service on 31 May 2012. Currently when an email is received or an event, for example on SkyDrive, is triggered an sms is sent to the registered number. This is really useful for email alerts and is often more reliable than even ActiveSync. The sms service is not charged for directly by Microsoft but networks do charge for the text - about 12p per text on Vodafone. The filters are powerful and so only urgent emails or vip senders need trigger the alert. It's a great service.

There doesn't seem to be any similar service offered by other email providers. Also with the closure of most UK network email to sms gateways to new registrants there doesn't seem to be a workaround either.

Does anyone know of an email service that will send a rule based sms notification when an email is received?