New Asda Mobile bundles

Up and coming new bundles
£10, 100 mins, unlimited texts, 100mb
£15, 250 mins, unlimited texts, 250mb
£20, 500 mins, unlimited texts, 500mb

not that competitive really are they ! hmm that's that


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    ... Sign up for a year and get 300mins, unlimited texts for the same price. ... Adding the internet costs £5/month and gives a 500MB allowance. ... She will maybe need 100 mins and 100 txts and daughter with the same phone will need 100 mins and 'unlimited' texts. ...
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    ... reasonable deals, we're not going there again, ever. ... Looking for as much inclusive cross network time and as many texts as ... Orange have a new £15 plan with 100 mins, unlimited texts and i think ...
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    ... I saw the HTC Touch HD on their website, £35 a month, 600 mins, unlimited texts and the FREE phone, they also claimed next day delivery. ...
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    ... Minutes are no great loss. ... I use less than 200 mins a month anyway, so, as you say, no ... neal at champ dot org dot uk ...
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    ... I expect they would but the only one I see on their site is 100 mins & ... this price and Vodafone 600 mins and unlimited texts for £15 a month. ... Also the Voda one you refer to is a 12 month contract. ...