Re: Lost phone and info on it.

David Hearn wrote:
KevinX wrote:

In blocking the handset, they bar the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment
Identity), so the phone will not communicate with the network, no matter
which SIM is inserted. (rendering the phone useless*)

*Only useless until the IMEI is changed, which is in fact illegal, and
carries high penalties if caught.

And only within the UK. I understand that the blocked IMEI list is only distributed within the UK - not to countries outside the UK - eg. Africa etc. Apparently in some African countries the black market for mobiles is so prevalent that practically no one buys/sells legitimate ones simply because they cannot compete on price with the black market.


Heh - I didn't even think about the black market double meaning.

To clarify, I'm talking about sales of stolen mobiles to anyone! At work we did some work for a network operator in Africa and so we know from the horses mouth the problem with the sales of stolen mobiles killing the legitimate market. It's not a matter of the people buying them being crooks - it's just they couldn't afford a legitimate phone when you have communities clubbing together to by a stolen phone! The networks realise this and so do nothing to combat the problem - potentially if the did, there would be few legitimate handsets to use on their network - better to have phones being used (and generating charges) and ignore trying to fix the phone sales market.