Re: BT blocking incoming emails with attachments

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The other day I emailed a document (with a .docx extension) to a address. It did not arrive, I did resend it but it still
vanished although emails with no attachments or other types (e.g. .pdf) get through OK.

Did you password protect it. As automated anti-virus scanners can't scan these files, they often block or delay them

The problem has been solved - my associate has now set up an address with one of the many webmail providers and that is working OK, but I
would be interested in knowing whether this problem is widespread with BT's email system.

I have had a similar problem with other e-mail providers. The solution I used was to zip the file which has the added benefits of making the attachment much smaller (usually) and "forcing" the recipient to extract to the file system rather than open directly.

DOCX files are already compressed, because they are XML and were much bigger than DOC files...


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