Re: Eclipse in bed with Talktalk?

On Mon, 25 Jan 2010 20:23:47 +0000, Andy Champ <no.way@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Anyway the woman from Talktalk listed a bunch of ISPs _including_
Eclipse - I don't remember them all - and said that they were calling
because they were all part of the same group, and I might as well
consolidate into one bill.

There's the indication of a lie. If they're all one company anyway,
why bother to phone up customers to persuade them to change? The
company could more easily and cheaply combine all the accounts
centrally, as happened to me when OneTel bought out BG Comms.

Eclipse bought by Talktalk? WHAT? News to me, I didn't know that - but
she assured me it was correct.

No, this is the telephone equivalent of people knocking on your door
trying to persuade you the hard sell way to change gas or electricity
supplier. About a year or two ago I had three attempts in one week
from one company, and threatened to report them for harassment. None
of them have dared since.

Eclipse don't seem to know. They think they are part of KCOM PLC, which
IIRC is the Kingston on Hull telephone company as was. And I can't see
anything on the web.

So - were Talktalk lying to me?

Almost certainly. Report them.
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