Re: BT Speedtester

On Tue, 20 Jan 2009 07:46:33 +0000 (GMT), "Rodney Pont"
<pmmspaminy7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Tue, 20 Jan 2009 07:20:24 +0000, Edward W. Thompson wrote:

What I find with .speedtester' is it consistently gives abiut 2mbps
higher speed than another broadband speed tester. This would not be
so much as a problem except the BT people only accept the result from
the BT Speedtester so in the evenings, when my actual speed is always
less that 800kbps, the BT spedtester gives close to 3mbps which BT
maintain is fine. My daytime speed is about 3.5mbps (the BT average
as I understand it) whereas the BT speedtester gives 5.5mbps which is
comparable to the rated 6mbps line speed.

Of course I have investigated all possibilities within the resources
available to me. The likelihood is the problem is due to lack of
capacity at the exchange which no ISP can overcome despite what Eeyore
says. His 'favourite' ISP IDnet very properly advised me that the
best they could do would be to advise me of the problem but would be
unable to do anything or even give a date to fix if lack of exchange
capacity was the problem. From a BT site I note that ADSL2+ is
scheduled to be installed in the local exchange (less than 1100 metres
from where I live) in March 2009. Whether or not that will also
address capacity I shall have to wait and see.

Think it through. The BT speedtester gives you 'close to 3mbps' at
night and 5.5mbps in the daytime. The exchange has to be allowing these
speeds, it can't be limiting you to 800kbps otherwise that would be the
maximum you would get even with the BT speedtester. It's possible that
the exchange capacity is limiting you to 'close to 3mbps' during the
night but it can't be that causing the 800k.

It's much more likely a capacity problem at the ISP either with fully
loaded connection from the rest of the world or an internal capacity
issue. If it's internal it could well be causing the slowdown at night
for the speed test.

The BT quote for the line speed is for the sync speed and you must be
getting 6mbps there to get 5.5mbps download. Seems to me that the
problem you are having is due to BTInternet capacity and not the
exchange and you would likely be better off with a different ISP.

Thanks for that. I am coming to the view that I have nothing to lose
and everything to gain by changing to a 'better' ISP. I was most
impressed with IDnet (thanks to Eeyore) from my conversation with them
relating to my problem with low evening speed.