Re: Anyone tried an Adslnation X-modem?

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Having suffered a recent reduction of speed on my line (which looks
permanent, after my ISP got BT to do some tests, with no improvement) I'm
looking to maximise performance at my end.
I'm currently using an old Thomson Speedtouch 330 ("frog") USB modem and
thought I'd upgrade to a router.
I was also looking at the Adslnation filtered faceplate, which seems to have
good reviews here, and saw their ethernet X-modem on the website.
Before I commit myself, has anyone got any experience of these modems? Good.
bad, problems, etc.?
Or should I go for a different modem/router? Any recommendations/reasons?
I have only one computer. Wireless or additional wired ports are therefore
not required.
I have an NTE5 with one hard-wired phone extension and a 3-phone DECT
cordless system plugged into the main socket.
Bog-standard BT-supplied filters currently on the main and extension phone

Any info would be helpful.

I don't think the ADSLnation Xmodem is compatible with ADSL+ (up to
24Mbps) on a quick read of the specifications so I wouldn't use one
these days, with BT ADSL+ trials running in some places and the service
roll-out about to start. It's generally better to use a modem/router
that specifies ADSL+ support for a measure of futute-proofing.

Definetly get rid of the frog or any similar USB modem, since they use
the attached computer to handle the ADSL line, which could result in a
slow-down if it is running out of resources. ADSL modem/routers handle
the ADSL line using firmware within the box and also have inbuilt
firewalls and/or NAT that "hides" your computer from the WAN.

Good points, both of them - not that I'm likely to see ADSL+ in my village for the foreseeable future :-(
Any pointers as to a good, reliable, modem/router that this old non-techie doesn't have to bugger about with every day or so?


Well I am running a seconhand ex-ebay Dlink 504 here..cots IIRC 16 quid.

after one nasty configuartion issue post firmware upgrade, its been pretty good.It does flake out if left in the 19" rack with e door closed though..doesn't like ambient over 40C.

Its slightly BETTER as far as I am concerned than the 90 quid netgear router a customer just installed: that doesn;'t talk SNMP.

Basically justs get almost anything: and pick an ISP who realises that customers can and do use their own kit.