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Anyone else noticed this or can you provide an explanation?

There are a number of utilities that will repetitively ping IP
addresses at preset intervals and report no reply. Set to once a
minute or whatever.
AFAIR some traceroute utilities have this function so you can see
where the connection attempt stops, within Virgins network, or after
you leave it. Support is generally script driven, so most of us have
to learn how to pinpoint the problem, then tell our ISP what's
broken. I'd look at DHCP lease time, like is it set to 1 hour? If
the PC renews the lease before it expires its IP addsress should
remain the same, if it doesn't try to renew it may get a different
IP address. Renewal is generally automatic. Or to bypass all this
just allocate you PC a static IP address, gateway address, and DNS
servers, AKA a static configuration.
Solved a lot of my problems.
Also helps if you have a marginal wireless connection. DNS server is
often the same as the gateway (your routers) address.

I have static IP addresses on all my home LAN so it's not DHCP lease
Ping is no good as a test as ICMP packets will retry. UDP packets
don't suffer either as they are not guarenteed anyway. It's only TCP
traffic and so far I can't find any test applications to run over the
LAN and WAN.

I'm going to write my own app to open TCP connections and monitor the
'reason' for disconnects.
If it's a controlled disconnect then it's the application being
closed via proper IP management.
If Virgin are switching circuits, I should get some kind of forced
disconnect and then maybe I can quote that info back to Virgin. I
suspect, however, that this would require 2nd or 3rd line support to
actually understand the issue.

You make the assumption that they actually care. The only time they
are keen to speak to you is if you owe them money.

If you changed to a technically competent ISP you would stand some
chance of a sympathetic hearing here ...

Graham J

Would you care to name one? I don't know of any.

ZEN are about 95% OK

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