Re: Sudden drop in speed

Patrick wrote:
Good morning all,

What factors could cause a sudden drop in connection speed of about 300k?

Electrical noise.

My BT Homehub was connecting at about steady 2350 or so for a long time, then when I upgraded to the latest firmware, it connected at 2528 constantly and succsefully for the last few weeks. The router is normally left on all the time.

Suddenly early this morning the router dropped to 2208 and I am having trouble now to connect faster than 2250 or so. That's bad news as that will drop my configured download speed below 2 Meg I think.

I have not added any new electrical equipment in the house or anything like that. I did install a filtered master faceplate about 3 weeks ago, but everything was fine since then.

So maybe somewhere up the line, someone has been running some equipment..the last few dauys have been extra good for MW reception, the moon is in Scorpio?

The surprise is that rates are as stable as they are, not the reverse.