Re: LLC or VC-Mux - and what's the modulation type?

Dennis Ferguson wrote:
On 2007-03-09, kevin bailey <kbailey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Now this D-Link router has been working perfectly - this is with the
connection type set to PPPoA LLC.
So which should it be - PPPoA LLC or PPPoA Vc-Mux? What's the difference?

The difference between PPPoA LLC and PPPoA VCMux encapsulation is that
PPPoA LLC has the 4 bytes 0xfe, 0xfe, 0x03, 0xcf prepended to the front
of each packet while PPPoA VCMux doesn't. Everything else is the same.

I can't imagine what difference this would make. The only problem with
using the LLC encapsulation (other than that it adds 4 bytes to each
packet) is that BT might some day install equipment which didn't
understand packets with the bytes on the front, though this is fairly

Can't speak for other LLU providers but I know our LLU offering will not work using LLC encapsulation.


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