Re: Newbie laptop question - broadband?

I just took a look at the settings on my Sony Ericsson F500 and it appears that you can have it check automatically for mail at various intervals - 5 minutes was the shortest I think. I guess it will alert you if it gets any new messages but I don't use this feature so I can't say for sure.



On Wed, 05 Jul 2006 15:31:52 +0100, <dotnw@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

When you say - most reasonable phones will allow you to check your
email account...

Does that mean the phone won't automatically poll for new messages
every X number of minutes, but instead, you have to dial a number (or
press a key pad button combination) in order to check to see if you
have new email?

I'd like a service that alerts you automatically if you have new emails
- for instance, I am online atm and have my outlook express poll for
new messages (from lots of different email accounts) every 5 minutes.

Actually, I'm sure you meant this, but just wanted to check to be sure.

Is this service called "push email"?

James Perrett wrote:
On Wed, 05 Jul 2006 12:48:59 +0100, <dotnw@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Say if I'm at work (and away from my laptop), can my 3g phone alert me
> to emails coming in from both hotmail and also my ISP email account (in
> my case, wanadoo)?
> (And at the end of the day, it would also be nice to "sync up" the read
> messages on the 3g phone with the laptop's outlook express software.)

You don't need a 3G phone to do this - most reasonable phones will allow
you to check your email account and display a list of messages received
(just the subject). You can then download the body of the message if you
want. You can set it up so that the message remains on the server so that
you will still see all your messages on your normal computer.

I tend to have one 'master' computer that downloads and deletes the
messages from the server and a number of other methods (like phone and
webmail) that just view my email without removing it from the server.