Re: How best to resolve ADSL problems?

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AnthonyL wrote:
A number of people in our village have perpetual problems. Others
including myself are fine. We can only get 512k because of the
distance to the exchange.

Those with problems get either fobbed off by BT or have endless and
fruitless conversations with someone in India.

With dial-up it was easy just to take a working laptop to the problem
spot and test out.

Anyone got any tips on how best to get to the bottom of the problem

Many thanks

Check the normal telephone is working properly and without noise. If there
are problems here they must be fixed before attempting to resolve any ADSL
problems. These problems should be reported to BT.

Presumably a test to a dial-up isp would then give spme indication of
the line quality?

Disconnect everything from all telephone sockets except the ADSL
modem/router. Ensure the ADSL modem/router is connected to the master
socket. If the master socket is the latest (NTE5), with a removable lower
front half, remove this and plug the ADSL modem/router into the socket
revealed (this should have disconnected *all* extensions and associated
wiring and is the best test).

I think many properties still have the old style sockets. Presumably
they are not upgraded foc.

How reliable are line tests that BT carry out? This is quite an old
village and I would guess that a lot of the BT cabling is problematic.
It is still overhead delivery to the properties. I wouldn't be
surprised if there are DACS and similar around. How best to find out
whether these are interefering either before ordering or after