Re: Onetel Broadband goes Talk Talk

James wrote:
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>> Sonoglenn wrote:
>>> Are all OneTel broadband customers aware that OneTel is being
>>> taken
>>> over by Carphone Warehouse (i.e Talk Talk)?
>>> Whilst having yet another arguement with a OneTel customer
>>> services
>>> (in India) re. my 9 nine month wait to be migrated from 512kb to
>>> 2mb
>>> Broadband, the supervisor revealed that they have suspended all
>>> existing customer migration as they are being taken over by
>>> Carphone
>>> warehouse.
>>> When asked if they were informing New Customers of this fact, the
>>> reply was, "only if they ask".
>>> This is a perfect example of how OneTel treats its customers.
>>> Avoid them at all costs !!
>> Well at least they tell you, a certain ISP denies all knowledge
>> even
>> when asked, then spring it on their users at a whim, penalising
>> those who retrospectively broke the 'new' conditions....
> I'll name in one! ;)

SSShhhh, you can't say that or people will get upset, but you're