Re: What is this "loss of sync", and do I have it?

"Hugo Nebula" <abuse@localhost> wrote in message
> My bb connection over the past couple of days has been very 'flakey'.
> Not a technical term, I know, but the symptoms are; retrieving news
> messages in fits and starts with long pauses (upto 10-20 seconds)
> between newsgroup messages, or in the middle of messages with
> attachments; likewise stopping & starting in the middle of downloads.
> My setup is ISP-UKOnline 2MB on a LLU exchange with a Netgear
> modem/wireless router. The router's statistics are: Line attenuation
> (downstream)-53dB, Noise margin varying between 2dB to 6dB.
> Previously the line attenuation was at 54dB until a couple of days
> ago, and the noise margin has varied between 8dB to 1dB with no loss
> of connection. The upstream line attenuation has remained the same at
> 15.5dB, but the noise margin has dropped from 20dB to 18dB.
> I've tried it with a Speedtouch USB modem and it's not much better
> (but slightly better). I don't know how to get any figures out of it,
> so I don't have any quantative information.
> Any ideas?
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> Hugo Nebula
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Are those stats from being pluged directly into the BT main socket? if not
try that.

What router firmware do you have installed? maybe a newer version would
help, it has helped some.