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jelv wrote:
> Leveled wrote:
>> <snip>
>> So it is rather surprising to now find I
>> have joined the wrong people
>> recommendations for Plusnet are short on the ground and no one has
>> a good word to say for them Their critics seem very vociferous .
>> Personally I would advise people to have a good look around and not
>> take too much notice of these outspoken people. Make up your own mind
> If your usage is light and you are happy with the service you didn't
> join the wrong people.
> Most of the criticism of Plusnet comes from heavier users who (to
> make a bit of a sweeping generalisation) are more clued in and more
> able and/or inclined to make their voices heard. It seems that many
> heavy users expect the level of service you would get from the likes
> of Zen, but without paying that sort of price. There have been
> complaints where recent changes have impacted lighter users as well
> as those the change was designed to control - but they have published
> a plan - time will tell how that pans out.
> There is also some criticism of the way PN has dealt with the issue of
> the heavier users which has not always been as good as it might.

John, I am surprised at your unusually fawning response.

"Some criticism"? I thought there had been a lot of criticism in both the
news groups and the forum (and ADSL Guide). However I think the biggest
criticism is that PN used to be fairly open and honest but now appears to
have reverted to their (long ago) surftime attitude and become very sly,
e.g. the usenet throttle was denied for some time and then, IMHO grudgingly,
there was a statement that they were in fact "shaping" usenet on both
premier and plus accounts. Now they say they are trying to fix the problem
(that they caused) but it will take time. There may well be a genuine
business case for their actions but discussion and announcement before
rather than after would be more convincing. The step be step increase in
restrictions also suggests that PN management are inexperienced and cannot
calculate the usage their bandwidth will sustain. They have been in the
business long enough so, being a sceptic, I consider it is more "get the
punters in, tighten the elastic and they won't all leave". It is this
attitude that has prompted at least some light users, including me, to
consider moving to another provider.

Old Codger
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