Re: Sky to Sky+

A completely independent dealer is exactly that. Own buisiness, often
TV shop or aerial installation business. They have become registered
as an ASA (Authorised Sky Agent) and do not work for Sky, they work
for the customer. They will have a good reputation, (hopefully), for
things other than installing Sky and will have that reputation to
uphold. Frequently Sky sales and installation are only a small part of
their business.
Sky do not refer business to them, you just go to their shop, or
whatever, and make arrangements as you would for any other purchase.
They may be few and far between as they are often competing with chain
stores and customers who wouldn't know the difference anyway, but if
they do a good enough job and have a good enough reputation, they will
be much in demand by the customers who really care about what they
They are able to fully integrate the Sky installation with all aspects
of your system, combine Sky with full house distribution, home cinema,
audio or whatever else you may need.

The type of contracted independents that you are talking about are a
completely different thing. They do nothing but install for Sky.

I could describe dozens of systems, especially in larger houses and
homes with home cinema, surround sound etc which have been rendered
almost useless by installers who had virtually no knowledge of how to
deal with RF systems.
(I also wonder how many people with surround sound systems are not
getting Dolby Digital sound from their Sky+ or HD because the
installer had no idea that an optical connection was necessary, or
they did not set the menus correctly?)

I have just finished completely re-installing a system fitted by a Sky
installer where the HD box had been fitted in a cupboard and
distributed to all rooms through the aerial system. Three rooms had
42" pioneer plasma screens. None of them were getting an HD picture,
of course, and all were only getting mono sound although one room also
had a projector and a very expensive surround-sound amp and speaker