Re: Re Sky Plus Box in Spain

On Sat, 10 Oct 2009 19:53:04 +0100, Mike
<mikeloveschampagneandrugby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Deebrief wrote:
We have just the basic box in Spain allowing us to just view the main UK
terrestrial channels.

If you substituted the old box for say a Sky Plus one, would it record
without connecting the additional wire to the dish. I realise to see Sky
Plus correctly you need the two wires, but Sky are going to twig when
you phone them !! On the other hand I suppose you would get the same
result my using a TV recorder.

On the other hand if in the UK we asked for another connection in an
additional room (We already have HD), could we not then take that box to
Spain and then run it off two wires ?



Until you match the box with the card the box won't work at all. If sky
allow you to match it (could a friend in the UK do it for you?) then
full sky+ functionality is simple although it will allow record/watch
one chanel at a time even with one cable.

Get a double/quad LNB via ebay and some cable and voila!


More often than not, in Spain the dish size fitted, is theoretically
too small, so not any old LNB will hack it. The best LNB for Spain is
the Invacom 0.3Db Twin/Quad.
See my web site for details.
Mark in Spain.