Re: public enemy V2 help please

Chris Eilbeck wrote:

"Halam Rose" <h@ro[deleteThis]> writes:


I have a 3" Public Enimy V2 which I baught without instructions.
Does anyone know where its CofP woud be or if it needs any nose
weight? I'm sure I could sim it but if the knowledge is out there
I'd be gratefull.

BTW its 36" tall, wights about a pound + motor and recovery kit. If
you find the instructions on the public enimy web site your a better
googeler than I !

Why not work it out? Rocksim, Spacecad or VCP will do it for you if
you don't feel like hitting Barrowman yourself.


Or just get the rocksim file for the 4" version off EMRR - it's all
proportional innit ;)