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And, as far as I know, there is no Linux software that does.

2011-01-30, Sunday :: MPlayer 1.0rc4 released -- unencrypted Blu-ray support.

At the present time, playing of encrypted BluRay discs requires use
of DumpHD to decrypt and dumping the data to disk first in order
to play the video --


OK, I sit corrected to the extent that it apparently *can* be done
under Linux. Thanks for the correction. But it doesn't seem to be the
simplest of operations. I certainly wouldn't want to go to the effort
of ripping a disc as a prelude to playing it. I haven't properly read
the article to which you referred - I've only skimmed it - but that
appears to be the general idea.

Anyway, this one point doesn't seem to undermine the overall thrust of
my argument. I remain of the view that a media PC isn't worth the

YMMV. I would have built a media PC if SWMBO was not in a hurry to
get a PVR. You can make them almost silent and it's not that
difficult. My main PC is virtually silent and you can only hear the
HDs in a quiet room. I could do something about that but I have run
out of round tuits.

What partcularly attracts me to a media PC, apart from the fact that
you can put in any tuner card you wish and choose the UI is that you
can get a DVD player where you can skip the locked parts of the film
(i.e. all the logos, trails and legal threats).
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