Re: Broadcaster admits current digital terrestrial SD television in UKofGB&NI suffers degraded picture quality

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That won't work either now that hd has had its redundancy removed by
halving bit rates. You can now have  blurred movement on there just the
I was reading something on the web the other day about audio recording,
and was dismayed to find that nowadays, some recordings on cd are no
better than high bit rate mp3, as this is often what a track recorded in
another studio came as.
Makes you wonder if the lunatics are in charge of the asylum sometimes.

trouble is/was that the GBP were quite happy with VHS and audio cassettes.
While some of us appreciate quality, we are in a minority.

Audio cassettes in my Denon sounded superb, almost indistinguishable
from my LP12.

And my Yamaha cassette deck made unbelievable recordings. Even
pre-recorded tapes were reasonable with use of the 'Play Trim' knob.

Marky P.