Re: World's oldest TV

Yes, its clearly wrong that an unmodified tv of that age could be used. Its
vhf, just about, and positive mod am sound I'd imagine, goodness knows what
the spacing was on that format. The early 405 line devices were straight
trf, not even superhet. The ITV device simply went in at the frequency of
the local bbc, and was a converter, basically.
Very prone to patterning near a band 1 transmitter of course.

later of course they were superhets with the tuner being a fairly basic
mixer oscilator.

I remember in the 1960s, my father converting an old kit Viewmaster tv of
12 inch, to 625 lines, but the sound was in fact a seperate receiver, and
it was only for bbc 2. He had to almost redesign the line output section as
the picture shank at that line rate, and add negative video and tweak the
bandwidth a bit.

More info needed about this set obviously. Probably turn out to be a new set
in an old box...

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"Scott" <spiced.porkandham@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I saw an article in today's paper (Glasgow Herald) about the world's
oldest television said to be built in 1935 or 1936. It went on to say
that it was still in use, with a digital box. How does that work, I
wonder? The TV will presumably be 405 lines VHF (Marconi EMI system
from the trials) so how can that be compatible with a decoder box? Or
I wondered, will there be any boxes from other countries that use VHF
television that could be used?

OT: does anyone know about the external boxes that were used to allow
old Band 1 television sets to receive ITA transmissions on Band 3 when
they started in the 1950s?