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Each year holidaying at Jaywick (Clacton) have taken a Maplin's 'satellite in a suitcase' and had perfect reception. This year started OK but by Sunday could only receive foreign channels. Thought that Freesat had somehow put a block on non-Freesat boxes getting their broadcasts, and bought a Freesat box - nothing at all - could not find satellite. Thinking now that it might be the LNB went and bought a new one - still nothing. Replaced the Freesat box with the Maplin one and still got all the foreign channels. This is very interesting: when tuned to, say, BBC it says 'no signal' but when pressing the button to aid tuning it shows strength and quality as both over 70%, and is so for all the channels, foreign & English. Please help?

Your dish has moved round a bit by the sounds of it.


Thanks Bill,
rearranged the dish and all is fine - even Jaywick seems different :-)

John the West Ham fan