Re: PVR that can join my PC network

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What i meant was if I can use my Freecom to store via my network,
view via my tv, stream from my pc to a hard disk surely it's not
beyond the whit of man to strap a couple of tuners to it to allow you
to record directly to it and then share it.

Because it doesn't record. Recording is the hard bit: you have to
work with all the different formats that each country uses. Or
restrict yourmarket to just one company which makes your product less
I've got my media player a Humax Freeview + box and the twpp are
just crying out to be introduced formally rather than just being
plugged into the same TV. Neither of them have much in the way of
oomph and either should be able to do the work of the other.

I suspect that any manufacturer which tries to produce such a device
will run into licensing problems and objections from broadcasters.
Youhave no idea how much legal trouble there is even about existing



I'm using an evaluation license of nemo since 189 days.
You should really try it!