Re: Frustration beyond belief

widgitt wrote:

" That cannot be the case, if the aerial is connected and is working. "

Well it definitely is the case. I'm using something similar to this.

" You appear to have a Sky box. If it is connected, why can't you use it? "

I can. There's a defunct mini-dish just outside the window 2 feet to the left of the TV. When the flat was decorated by the landlord just before I moved in he took off the LNB, stripped the cable and plastered over all traces of where the lead came into the bedroom. I bought an LNB from eBay and when I want to watch Sky I open the window and stick the LNB on the dish, and now that it's warmer I can leave it hooked up permanently with the window slightly ajar. However, the main reason for wanting the Freeview signal is to watch Setanta as the Samsung LCD has a CAM slot.

" What sort of analogue pic do you get from the main aerial? "

Perfect. Never had any interference on analogue or DTV.

" The best way I have seen to waste money which could be better spent on installing an additional socket. "

Not possible. I would have to navigate through half a dozen right angles in the walls to get to that box in the cupboard outside my front door, or wrench up and re-lay 80 square metres of wooden floorboards which have been buffed over to feel like one huge piece of wood.

" If you had the set plugged in to the main aerial when you first scanned the channels on that set, are you sure the main aerial faces the same way as the one you are now trying to receive. (perhaps the main aerial is to a different transmitter for some reason. "

The main aerial points straight at Crystal Palace, which is also where I am trying to point the indoor aerial.