Re: Opinions on this install...

"CD" <no@xxxxxx> wrote in message
Trying to watch The Apprentice last night & kept hearing an annoying
squeaking noise & was buggered if I could work out where it was coming
Upon going to bed I discover it's the aerial installed on the wall
outside the bedroom swaying in the wind.
It was installed in '07 with a 5 year guarantee by a firm I found on
the CAI website (for what that's worth).
I completely forgot to ring them today to come & sort it so nipped up
the ladders to have a look just now.

Top right rawbolt was out about 1/2" brick cracked through (I nipped
it up as best I could), I've circled the crack, also a crack on the
bottom bracket.
The longshot isn't too good due to failing light, but gives you an
idea on the installation, the pole is 10' I reckon.

You put your faith in these folks, but it looks to me there's far too
much load on those bricks.

He was having trouble getting a decent signal as I'm right in a dip,
hence the long pole.

I'll be on the blower tomorrow, any choice words I can throw at them?

This isn't diabolical work, it's just a bit misguided! I don't like the use
of plastic plugs and coachbolts under any circumstances, but if people must
use them they have to realise that they grip by expansion, so the brick is
effectively being forced apart. No brick on its own can stand this, so any
brick thus maltreated needs the support of neighbours. So, never use a
plastic plug on a brick at the edge of the wall. If the mortar is good the
limit is two full bricks sideways between the drilled brick and the edge and
five courses above. Really, the installer should have known this. It isn't
rocket science.

Given the load, the brackets should be 20% of the total mast length apart.

As remarked elsewhere the loose cable at the top is very poor. However
Blakes very misguidedly show this method on their data sheets!

I suggest you simply say that the wall bolts have pulled out, having cracked
a brick, so you want the brackets refixing the 'statutary' distance from the
brickwork edges.

T and K brackets have a total of five holes, and every one is crucial.
There's no redundancy.

Personally I would regard plastic plugs as hopeless for this loading. Sleeve
anchors are far better. I'm on my own with this though. Everyone but me uses
plastic plugs.