Re: TOT: strange symmetry of events related to folk music and urinals

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Edit: this is the thing...

Wonderful! That's the gadget! And I've remembered something rather amusing.
I built my Z12, together with the pre-amp, into a smart wooden box which had
previously contained a BIII to BI converter! At the time the converter was
old rubbish, so I would have trashed it.

I suspect those things were built into all sorts of cabinets.
I was given a valved record player "to play with" after it finally
failed and was replaced. I was still at school but managed to earn
enough from weekend jobs to buy a pair of the Z12's. I made up a PSU
from odd bits, and somehow stuffed it all into the case.
It never sounded very good to my ears but it was a great learning
After that I went back to valves for a while. Had a lot of fun with