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We have a Humax PVR9200T which is great when we get a good signal
(Eastbourne) but I want a combi to copy tapes to DVD and have not
seen any with digital and analogue tuners.

If by "combi" you mean a disk recorder combined with VHS, then my
advice would be to forget it and buy a cheap VHS as a separate box,
because you'll be throwing it away long before the disk recorder has
outlived its usefulness. This will also give you far more freedom of
choice in selecting the disk recorder. As far as I know all the ones
with DVD drives will have inputs for external sources, and I don't
know if they all include analogue tuners but I have a Panasonic one
that definitely does.

The leaflets and spec sheets may not even mention if a recorder with a
digital tuner also includes an analogue one, and the salesdroids in
the shop may not know. In general, assume a PVR with a hard drive
only will not have one because that would require a lot of extra
electronics, but anything with a DVD drive might have one. There
probably won't be any buttons or menu items marked "digital" and
"analogue", but the analogue channels may appear on higher numbers
like 901, 902, etc., so you can try these in the shop.


I agree with a seperate VCR, a HDD/DVD recorder with an analogue tuner may
be a little more difficult, the latest Panasonics are digital only and I
think it's likely that most will follow this trend so a VCR with an
analogue tuner could tide you over until DSO.
A more expensive option that I set out for is the Toshiba RD-XV48DT DVD and
VHS player with analogue and digital tuners available from around £180.


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