Aerial Downed in recent high winds

How about this for a sad picture :-

It fell like a tree - just missing my windows. In fact one of the
elements actually brushed the window leaving a black rubber mark !

It seems to have snapped just above the higher bracket :-

A closer look at the fracture from above suggests that the bracket may
have been over-tightened causing a deformation in the pole :-

To give some scale to this, the outside diameter of the supporting pole
seems to be about 50mm (and the metal is MUCH thinner than I expected
!). It is just under 5m long - perhaps it is a 16 foot unit (or maybe
it was cut from a longer pole).

I had always thought that it was a scaffolding pole - but having seen
it snapped through I'm not so sure.

To be fair, it has stood for at least 15 years. And it has had two
"phased array" high gain antennas on it for about thirteen of these. I
used to be concerned when I saw it whipping about in the highest winds
- but after a decade or so you just take that as normal !

I was thinking of geting it re-erected, but a quick survey of the
debris showed not a single straight element between all three aerials

So, now that I am no longer using analogue TV, I only need a signal for
my freeview box. I am thinking that I no longer need a phased array
(this was oringinally installed to help cut down on ghosting - my
signal comes from Crystal Palace and travels right across the tall
buildings of central London).

Oh, and can anyone recommend a good aerial installer covering Islington