Re: What is best, wideband or grouped aerials diplexed?

"Marky P" <effort@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Just wondering if there would be a higher gain using 2 aerials
combined with a diplexer or a single wideband aerial? Apart from the
extra windload, would the signal losses through the diplexer make it
no better than a single w/b aerial?
Yes they would, but in extremis it works well to install several aerials,
each with its own masthead amp. After the amp combining losses are not
important. However, it's usually not a perfect solution to combine using a
diplexer because noise from the 'other' amp lifts the noise floor. Better to
use channel filters. If you do use a diplexer, both amps should have the
same gain, otherwise reception from the aerial with the lowest gain amp is
likely to be buggered up comprehensively.

Marky, I don't see why I should do all the writing. Please explain why my
last statement is true. Come on, think about it. It's easy. Here's a clue:
diplexers are imperfect.