Re: Can Humax PVR9200T store normal data files?

DAB sounds worse than FM wrote:
The 1st and 3rd times I had to reinstall I don't think I had any
options, because when it booted up it rebooted each time before you
got to the DOS prompt or the safe start thing.

That was the situation I was in when I did my "heroic" repairs, so it is
possible to recover even from that state. It was a lot of work however, and
adequate backups are probably preferable (and are in any case essential in
the event of a total hard drive failure).

Too late now, of course, but if your radio recordings were very important to
you, you could have done a fresh install to a new primary hard drive, and
then mounted the second drive. I suspect all your data would have been
recoverable in that way without any hard work!