Re: Alternatives to wall mounted sat. dishes

On Sun, 14 May 2006 12:43:47 +0100, jonnyp <jonnyp@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

|As I live in a listed building I cant have a dish on the side of my
|house without obtaining permission. Besides which I do not particularly
|want one!
|Having seen the recent post about the disguised dishes available, I
|wondered if anybody has any experience or info on acceptable
|alternatives to a dish on the building?
|There is no real possibility of having a normal dish inside the house
|which probably means an external solution, although I do not want a
|normal dish on a tripod in the garden. I have seen the cubsat advertised
|that looks quite useful as it can sit on the floor and also some
|squarial style 'dishes'. However, I cant find any real reviews of them
|in action.
|If anybody has any opinions or ideas I'd love to hear them

digiglobe look fine
or many other retailers.
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