Re: Topfield TF5800 ventilation - Adverts

Phil Pickard wrote:

>"Phil Cook" <uktdtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> Phil Pickard wrote:

>>>I want to put a DVD player on top of a set top box on a base shelf under
>>>TV. I wanted to know if this would compromise either the DVD player or the
>>>set top box.

>> How much space is there to the shelf above with the two items on it?
>> How big are the feet on the DVD player.? I'd want as much space around
>> the Topfied as possible. In my case the Topfield is on top of the DVD
>> player.

>There is plenty of room above the shelf (12-18 inches). Would I need to
>space the DVD player (which is about 20x20 cm and has feet about 1cm high)
>at some distance above the 'Toppy' to keep both machines adequately

Well the Toppy is Size(W x H x D) 340 x 60 x 265 mm and I'd certainly
prefer it on top but given your DVD width of about 200mm it seems that
you might have to do a bodge twith a couple of blocks of wood or such
like to achieve that. But then 1cm feet are pretty big so you might
get awyay with it. Suck it and see :-)
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