Re: 3D on Freeview HD

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Andrew Hodgkinson wrote:
I noticed recently that BBC HD was showing a 3D section during the preview. Then they started showing Wimbledon in 3D. I always (rashly!) assumed that this would be backwards compatible - e.g. transmitting the picture for one "eye" on the main channel, then using a secondary channel for the other one. This way, 2D TVs would show the picture fine, regardless of age.

Instead, on a brand new post-April 2011 Panasonic, I saw the left and right eye pictures side by side, squashed horizontally into the frame. Not good.

Well no, but didn't you notice BBC 1 HD was showing the same match, in 2D HD ?

There was an MHEG application running on the DTT stream that was supposed to stretch the left image to fill the screen, but it only seems to have worked on a limited number of receivers. In any case that would have given a 960 x 1080 image, not really HD, but so what, BBC 1 HD was showing the far better HD 2D coverage anyway.

The Beeb didn't spend much money on the enterprise, the coverage was provided by, and mostly paid for by, Sony.

A dog informed me that if I pressed the red button I would be able to watch in 2D, which out of curiosity I did and it worked fine.