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but Grundig ( when they really were Grundig) made very good

Oh, anything to apologise for your past masters, eh Charles.

Sorry, what on earth does that mean?

It means that you're an ex-BBC man who tries to apologise for the
incompetent decisions taken by the Corporation wrt DAB at each and
every opportunity.

I'm not mentioning DAB, I'm talking about poor quality FM reception.

Basically, Charles, whenever there's a DAB vs FM thread on here or I can almost guarantee you'll chip in on the side
of DAB.

Yep, good scientific analysis.

Scientific analysis, my arse, this is Usenet you prick.

Make up your mind, don't both with

English, please.

My reference to Grundig, as you show above, was with reference to FM
radio. I said nothing about DAB, but you don't even bother to read
what I wrote, because you 'know' I favour DAB.

This was on a DAB vs FM sub-thread, which is why you popped up to give you
BBC apologist nonsense.

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