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Dave Plowman (News) wrote:
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Over the last year or so I've noticed that the audio quality on R1
and R2 on FM have gone downhill pretty dramatically. So as this
group is frequented by current and ex-BBC engineers, I was wondering
if anybody could shed some light on what has been going on?

You've only just noticed this - and only in the last year or so?

I've grown up listening to radio whose dynamic range has been
compressed, so my opinion is that the sound quality can be good even
though it has been compressed - you're basically impying that it cannot
and that I've supposedly only just noticed that it's compressed, which
is the usual nonsense I expect from you, I'm afraid.

The dynamic range of most radio has been compressed since the days of 2LO.
It's how it's done that has changed.

And you reckon my ears are faulty...

If you claim that DAB sounds good, then you must be borderline deaf. If
you want to climb down a little and limit your claim to R4 on DAB
sounding okay, then we wouldn't have the disagreements that we do, but
you claim that DAB sounds good in general, but I suspect that you never
listen to the music stations that sound so bloody awful.

Well you appear to hear only perfect FM reception regardless of receiver
or conditions so are equally as guilty. But the difference is I've been
very careful not to be specific about what I'm using DAB for when replying
to those 'DAB always sounds terrible' bandwagon types.

But I'll be specific here. In the home I only ever listen to R3,R4, and
R7 off DAB. Most music I listen to comes from my own collection. In the
car I listen to R4, R7 and Magic on DAB or the CD player.

The way processing is applied to perhaps most FM pop stations means the
excess HF bashes most receivers into the middle of next week - the system
is simply not designed to cope with these levels. But your ears are
obviously accustomed to this distortion and find it normal. Mine aren't.
Much modern music is also processed in such a way too making CDs sound
like the worst radio. So I'm not interested in listening to those either.

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