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I'll only say this once:

Master Minded is the best Steeplechaser that I've ever seen.

You never saw Dunkirk,Tingle Creek,Vulmidas or Grey Sombrero then? to name just a few 2 as for the rest Golden Miller,Mill House or Arkle..I could go on LOL but i wont *GRIN*
No, but he'd have beaten them, Arkle included, even over 3 miles.
This horse makes Kauto Star look average - time will prove me right. Let's hope they don't keep Master Minded to 2 miles just because they have Kauto for 2 1/2 - 3.


WTF are you on LOL it must be good gear to have you hallucinating like this *GRIN* Of course there is such a thing as Opinion but also a thing called Delusional ;-) One Swallow and all that............

At least I am giving you someone to talk to instead of you simply rambling on to yourself!
In a year or two's time, you'll see that I was right - not that you'll have the balls to admit it.