Re: Stop me if you've heard this before

In article <dj7m27$1eep$5@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, comps@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says...
> According to <joeunderscorehorowitz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> >Mind you, people have been making this very same observation about me for
> >some time, so I've a feeling it's just the way my hair grows. Or doesn't.
> Nick has a double crown (as does Benjamin, but it's not an
> issue to him yet), so it looks like he's getting a bald patch,
> but it's been like that since he was a child, so I don't think
> it's going anywhere fast. If nothing else, it sounds a good
> excuse.

I have teh two crowns!1

The wife kisses them for good luck and, while I feel a bit of a charly letting
her do it, I always acquiesce in case she decides kicking me in the balls is a
better alternate.



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