Re: Ah well - we still have the ashes!

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On Sat, 16 Jan 2010 20:47:25 GMT, Andrew <andrew.fox33@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

lk wrote:
Can't believe we'll save this one without weather. 3 down already and
Steyn, Morkel and Parnell looks like a bright future to me.

I heard someone say today that 1-0 to us would be a "heist" and I reckon
that's about right. 1-1 still flatters us greatly IMHO. 2-1's
probably more the right result. To me, both sides have made some
glaring selectorial blunders all series.

For us - I think we needed 5 bowlers not just here but everywhere.
We're doing what we always do and pack the batting to disguise the fact
that our bowling isn't that good - certainly on flat wickets when it
doesn't swing. Not a bad strategy but it does rather allow the top order
to play bad shots and that's certainly what's happened here all series.

For SAF - I know there have been injuries to Kallis, Parnell and Steyn
but had this attack + Harris for McLaren played all series I think it
could easily have been 4-0.

with a drubbing going on england may have made some inspired enforced
changes and turned it around a bit, like bringing in a form batsman
to number 4 and 3? and tried a 5th bowler etc.....

do you really think that? it will take a hell of a lot more than 1 bad
series for KP (and everybody seems to forget that he scored 81 in the
1st test) to be dropped, he and Trott have outscored Strauss this
series an I don't see anybody calling for his dropping.

Trott has had a great start in his first few tests he has had his
first wobble and the challenge is to see how he comes back from that.

as for 4 bowlers, yes we could have gone with 5 bowlers but Bell would
have been dropped and how essential has he been this series? game
winning century in the second test and a game saving 78 in the 3rd...

oh the possibilities of different timelines.....

In a different timeline Flintoff would not have got injured and
retired last year but we cannot think like that.

Look in the first test with 10 overs to go it was a very easy very
boring draw, we convincingly won the second test, in the 3rd test we
only conceded a 1st innings defeceit of 18 and again with an hour to
go we were again easily drawing the match and we had the disadvantage
of bowling in that blisteringly hot 3rd or 4th day - 40+ degrees IIRC.

that leaves 1 really bad test, this one.

All true. I think if England had been offered a 1-1 draw at the start of the
series they would have taken it.
Steve Hague