Re: Look out it's back

"Stuart A. Bronstein" <spamtrap@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

john wright <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Have you got Agent to work on Windows 7? I tried it on a 64 bit
version and it didn't work. After some mucking about I got
Thunderbird working on a 32 bit version of Windows 7

How do you like Windows 7? I tried Vista and hated it - it seemed to
have no advantages over XP, but (even with 4gb RAM) crashed several
times a day. Now I'm back to XP and have been happy with it.

People seem to say that Windows 7 is not really much better than XP but
way better than Vista. I don't know much myself. I found Windows 2000
Pro okay but from here it seems like they've gone downhill since NT 4!
I found one particular Vista machine almost unusuable in being slow and
confusing. I've not seen Windows 7 much yet so I'll also be interested
in comparisons with XP.

Mind you, I'm not typical. I don't even like Mac OS X, though I had gone
in expecting to be impressed with the GUI. The last pretty graphical
environment that I much liked I think was the Commodore Amiga's with
some of the later concurrent-operations tweaks -- I'm not sure things
have much improved since!