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On Sun, 13 Nov 2011 11:36:38 -0000, Eskimo Will wrote:

I have wondered if it is possible to leave the heating off all
whilst still maintaining acceptable comfort levels, assuming
home insulation levels and warm clothing. One of the main issues
in a
cold damp climate like the UK is high humidity condensation issues

inside the house.

It doesn't work Adam. At least not up here. It can get so wet and damp
in the winter that if the heating is off the inside walls and furniture
actually get moist to the touch, in time mould will set in.

Ah but you haven't enough insulation such that the waste heat from
appliances and the occupants isn't enough to keep the inside surfaces
above the dew point. You may well not have enough ventilation either,
so the humidity is high. This is a common problem with many houses
these days retro fitted with sealed up double glazing and doors
instead of the orginal drafty single glazed windows and ordinary
doors. The building can't "breath".

Not enough ventilation :-O
I have windows open all the time we are in. Bedroom window at present is wide open as is the utility room and the bathroom window is wide open!
Yes I have double glazing but I have plenty of (now foggy) fresh air!
Once we get polar air again everything will all dry up nicely and I will get the lovely views back which is why I love living here.