Re: Is this a trendy new phenomina?

On Aug 30, 9:41 pm, Tudor Hughes <tudor...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On Aug 30, 4:50 pm, "Lawrence Jenkins" <lawrenc...@xxxxxxx> wrote:

It's only viewed as trolling by a certain ilk because
i)   It was presented with a smidgen of humour
ii)  How can presenting evidence be trolling?
iii) The practice doesn't quite fit the theory-does it?

        You won't get an answer, at least not without a hail of tin-
tacks.  He reminds me of a certain person of whom my late mother said,
"I don't know, you can't say anything.  She's got an inferiority
        A hail of tin-tacks will probably be soon heading my way, all
the way from Glorious Devon.  What fun!

Tudor Hughes, Warlingham, Surrey.

Good old Hughes. Doesn't post on this thread at all; adds nothing to
the discussion; expresses no views; then decides to post to try to
have his usual go at me. Thankfully, for the sake of the group, this
one wasn't wasn't crude, foul-mouthed, threatening and abusive; that's
a definite step forward! No more replies to you on this thread
whatever insulting rubbish you write.

...........safely ignored.