Re: Exchange Rate $2799 = 2999 pounds?

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>>Even if you are unlucky
> ie you don't smuggle!

True. Still, ordering from the US and then Customs NOT charging you for the
priviledge is (maybe) not illegal per se - they will of course bill you if
they can, but many shipments slip through. I suppose you COULD call them
afterwards and offer payment if that worries you. Mind you, it's almost
legitimising robbery to buy from some of the UK dealers these days....

I just ordered a Meade f3.3 focal reducer today from they US. $129.00 plus
$12 shipping. If customs want money, then it will be probably be under £20
for a shipment of that value. Total is still under £100 for an item that
sells here (at a well known dealer) for £149.99

I also bought a DSI Pro with the filter set some time ago - that came in at
almost exactly £300 including VAT, Duty and shipping. The same item is £450
here in the UK from the same dealer as above.

Finally, I also recently bought a DewBuster heater controller and some
heater tapes - arrived in 3 days for approximately half the UK prices of the
same duty charges requested.

I recommend - they communicate very well, package items well
and have good prices too !

>>and do get hit for VAT and Import Duty, products
>>bought from the USA are often still cheaper than buying them from UK
>>these days.
> You need also to remember that the warranty may be void if you buy
> overseas, and if the item gets damaged in shipping you could be left
> with an expensive repair bill.

Also true - so it probably doesn't make sense to buy a high value or complex
item from overseas unless you are willing to take that risk...